We are committed to sharing uplifting, artful experiences with our community in Arlington and beyond. In addition to the resources below, check our Virtual Programs and Youtube channel for a wide variety of educational videos on the art and legacy of Cyrus Dallin. We hope these materials bring you as much joy as we feel sharing them with you!

Virtual Tour

Enjoy a self-guided, room-by-room tour of the Dallin Museum from anywhere! Get up close to Dallin’s iconic Appeal to the Great Spirit and Paul Revere Monument. Experience fascinating stories behind the artwork, like the time Cyrus and Vittoria had tea with John Singer Sargent. Imagine you are a critic and compare Dallin’s portraits alongside historic photos of his subjects. Learn about Dallin’s work for Indigenous rights, his mentorship of a generation of Boston sculpture students, and much more! This tour can be viewed in 3D on all common desktop, personal, and mobile devices.

Virtual Tour Tips:
– To expand to full screen, tap/click on the arrows in the upper right corner.
– To start navigating, tap/click the walking icon at the bottom of the screen.
– To move around, tap/click on the circles on the floor. Then, tap and drag to view your location in all directions.
– To zoom in/out on a mobile device or track pad, drag two fingers outward/inward. With a mouse, use the scroll button.
To learn about what you are seeing, tap/click on the blue or orange matter tags.

Kids & Families

Enjoy an adventure through the Dallin Museum with your child, and see how many artworks you can find! This game of Picture Bingo was designed specifically to accompany the Museum’s virtual tour.

Fun for kids and grown-ups too! Learn about Cyrus Dallin’s beautiful sculptures with this fun game of memory. Just print and play!

When Cyrus Dallin was a child, his mother Jane nurtured his love for art by harvesting clay from the banks of nearby streams for them to sculpt little figurines together. The family lived in a two-room cabin in Utah Territory and struggled to make ends meet. There was no money to purchase toys, so Jane would bake the figurines in the oven for Cyrus and his siblings to play with. Sculpt your own figurine and share it with us!

Self Guided Walking Tour of Arlington Center

Cyrus Dallin endowed Arlington with some of his most masterful public art. Explore Arlington Center on foot and learn the fascinating histories behind these works and some fun facts about Cyrus and his family. Download the Cyrus Dallin Self Guided Walking Tour.


The Cyrus Dallin Art Museum offers flexible internships to college undergraduates and graduate students. Our museum staff works with students to design an internship that meets each individual’s professional and academic goals. To learn about internship opportunities, please contact Heather Leavell at hleavell@dallin.org.