Family & Neighbors


Cyrus Dallin married Vittoria Colonna Murray in 1891. They started their family in 1893, and moved to Arlington, Massachusetts in 1900, where they raised their three sons.

Dallin and his family were active citizens in Arlington for the forty-four years he lived and worked in the town. He appeared in the pageants Vittoria organized, was a friendly neighbor, and was supportive to his own and neighborhood children. A member of the town planning board, Dallin was also a trustee of the Robbins Library and Symmes Hospital, and he ran for the Massachusetts Legislature.

The sculptures showcased in the Dallin Family and Friends collection reveal the artist’s devotion to family and his appreciation of the people around him.  Among Dallin’s works in this collection are a Nobel Prize winner, a leading literary figure, portraits of children, and even a pet cat and dog.

Mother and Child

Mother and Child

John Townsend Trowbridge

John Trowbridge