Paul Revere No. 5

Paul Revere

plaster, 1899
P.P. Caproni and Brothers cast
gift of students and parents of the Locke School

On his famous ride in 1775, Paul Revere rode past the future home of the Cyrus E. Dallin Museum, to be built some 50 years later. A youthful Dallin won the competition for Boston’s Paul Revere Monument in 1882 at the age of 21. Nevertheless, his quest to complete the commission was a 58-year test of perseverance and resolve. Dallin created seven different versions (shown in photos in the gallery) before it was finally installed in bronze at Old North Church in 1940. This fifth version was reproduced in plaster and widely marketed by the Caproni Brothers.  It became an American sculptural icon in the early 20th century, so much so that the Marx Brothers parodied it in their movie, Duck Soup.