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The Cyrus Dallin Art Museum

Discover an American Master



Cyrus E. Dallin in his studio, 1934

Cyrus E. Dallin’s artistic vision characterizes America’s cultural history and informs our identity. His sculptures bring beauty and meaning to public spaces in our greatest cities. His work was inspired by classical forms, the heroes of European-American history, and his family. His dedication to the subject of Native Americans changed the face of public art in America.

Since its founding, the Museum’s holdings have quadrupled and presently consist of a core collection of over 60 works of art including sculptures (freestanding and relief), coins, medals, and paintings. The works in the collection span Dallin’s lifetime and range in subject matter from American Indians, statesmen, and generals to mythological figures and family members. Sculptures on display include rare plaster prototypes, original bronze casts, and new casts from original pieces. Also on display are artifacts owned and used by Dallin and commercial items that demonstrate the far-reaching effects of the artist’s work on popular culture. The Museum’s archives, which consist of  photographs, letters, exhibition catalogs and other documents, serve as an essential resource for scholars, genealogists, Arlington residents, and others interested in the life and work of Cyrus E. Dallin.